Why Wineemotion?



Premium Wines by the Glass without the Risk

Opening a bottle of wine introduces oxygen into the bottle and to the wine which activates bacteria (that is naturally present in grapes).  The activation of these natural bacteria in the wine will lead to the wine flattening out – the colour will eventually fade; it’s flavors will subdue and the aromas will become less distinct. Whilst the wine isn’t spoiled in exactly the same way food can become spoiled, it can still be unpleasant to drink.

WineEmotion systems dispense wine directly from the bottle to the glass whilst preserving the wine’s organic properties with food nitrogen gas (an inert gas that prevents alteration of the wine through oxidation). The wine, therefore, remains as fresh as when the bottle is first uncorked for up to 30 days. Wine enthusiasts will instantly be able to recognize wine that has started to flatten out due to oxidization, usually detected by the nose – with a WineEmotion system, you are assured that the wine you serve your clients is in perfect condition, allowing you to promote your wine by the glass range with complete confidence.

Featuring patented ISOL-PLUS™ Total Isolation Technology, WineEmotion is the only wine dispenser of its kind that preserves each bottle in its own isolated environment to avoid aromatic cross-contamination – the vast majority of wine spoilage is detected through the distinct aroma of each wine. Preserving each open bottle for up to 30 days with food safe gas pressurization, WineEmotion systems provide you the opportunity to offer your clients with an enhanced selection of wines by the glass, to include premium wines, without the risk of wine spoilage.

While other preservation systems use the same argon or nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, WineEmotion is the first system that uses independent pressurization valves to keep each bottle preserved individually. Particular care has been taken in regards to the design of the dispensing tap, combining the best technologies for cleaning and maintenance as well as the innovative ISOL-PLUS™ technology ensuring the total isolation of each bottle within the WineEmotion system.



Up Sell Premium Wines, Reduce Wine Wastage

If you serve wine by the glass or are considering this for your operation, a WineEmotion wine dispensing and preservation system is essential. WineEmotion allows your wine by the glass menu to be extended to your premium wines therefore increasing your sales revenue.

The variable LED lighting and the stylish Italian design of the WineEmotion system ensures your wine by the glass range is promoted in a professional and eye catching fashion, further increasing your sales.

Your margins will be increased by reducing your wine spoilage to a minimum through the advanced patented technology of the WineEmotion ISOL-PLUS™ technology whereby opened bottles of wine are preserved in perfect serving condition for up to 30 days.

A reduction in your wine wastage will also be achieved primarily through the automatic dispensing of exact measures of wine, removing the reliance of staff to serve correct measures and incurring spillages.

These can be defined by the owner, with three measures available for each bottle in your WineEmotion system. Savings are made in your staff’s time by removing the need for them to remember to protect your wine during busy shifts or at the end of each shift. The time taken to serve wine by the glass is reduced, facilitated through the automatic dispensers, also meaning your clients wait for less time to be served.

The increase in sales and margins result in an increase in your profits and a quick return on your investment in the WineEmotion System. As an operator, you may love wine but this is only eclipsed by your love of profit – with WineEmotion, you can realize your profit potential without compromising on the passion and enjoyment experienced with your wine by your customers.



A Unique and Engaging Wine Experience

The WineEmotion system offers a variety of functional uses to suit your operation through the use of innovative technological features that are both proven and reliable. The base model can be managed from the back of the bar or serving counter, for your staff use only (without a card reader). An optional Digital Fingerprint device can be used to permit easy use and to monitor the access of everyone who uses your WineEmotion system.

Self-serve systems are available in the WineEmotion range, offering a unique and engaging wine experience to your clients. With the use of wine cards through chipped card and RFID systems, easy access to all functions of the system are made available to your clients. By paying a predetermined amount to their wine card, your clients are free to discover at their leisure the range of wines by the glass that your WineEmotion system offers.

The self-serve systems work in various applications: wine bars and hotels can position the WineEmotion system within the client seating area or other public areas, allowing your clients to purchase their wine at their convenience whilst easing the pressure on your serving staff; wine merchants, wineries and tasting shops can provide a wide range of wines by the glass in the retail area, allowing clients to experience the wine offered prior to purchasing wine for their collections. Key-controlled security and user-determined programmable measures facilitate the self-serve functions.